Hey guys, got a quick update on the team.

We made it through the Open League Group Stage with 1 loss, putting us in second seed from our group.

This means that our first game is against a team who did not do as well as us. However we’ve had a few changes to the team in the last couple of weeks and won’t be on form for a while. Kevin ‘Fastn’ Sj√∂berg will be stepping down as a main player from the team and looking toward a backup / 6th player role that will suit his schedule more.

We now welcome Melvin ‘Seven|Up’ Hof who will be taking over from ‘Fastn’. We are looking to get back on track as soon as possible but our hopes for making it through the playoffs to reach the major league are not as high as they were. Hopefully this will be the last change in a long time and we’ll have chance to knuckle down and achieve some good results.

Our first playoff match is tomorrow guys, we’ll keep everyone updated as things progress!