Let's talk a bit about our story !

Meax has been founded in 2013. Originally we were some players and friends who were “mixing” on CS:GO. The sentence “Let’s find a mix”, resulted to create “meax”, a team based on mixing.

Quickly, a community grew and meax became a team and a community. Hosting several Teamfortress 2, CS:GO and L4D2 servers, with over 100+ daily concurrent players, the TF2 Orange was a real success.

The CS:GO team, leaded by Matt, who brought it to competition at the end of 2014, was starting to raise in the competitive scene. Winning almost every ESL Open League, they reached the 2014/2015 Winter Playoffs.

Unfortunately, a member of the team had to quit after the first match, which resulted to look for a new player before the second match of the Playoffs. As expected, the new player didn’t fit the team, and Meax lost the Playsoff.

After this, the decision to take a break before reforming the team have been taken.

In 2020 Meax is coming back, with a new website and a new philosphy. We want to bring our colours again to the competitive scene.

This is why we are currently accepting applications for some team leaders who want to constitute a team in a particular game or bring his own teammates to benefits from the Meax experience, as all the other tools to achieve success.

Alex aka ‘Aurus’