When it comes to great multiplayer racing games, the choice is limited. Trackmania, Need for Speed online, Dirt 3… You can almost count them on one hand.

The Crew is one of them. More like Need for Speed and Burnout, The Crew is a good racing game. Graphically it’s just really nice as are the songs which match the driving sensation perfectly.

We are not reviewing this game but just wanted to tell you, if you already own the game or if you’re on your way to get it then let’s drive together!

We can play coop up to 4 players but we can populate the United States (ingame of course) with Meax players – this would be cool. We will announce the Meax Crew parties on the forum, so stay tuned and show to the world how we do it!


Join the channel (The Crew) on Teamspeak. Ip: ts3.meaxplay.com

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