Meax is back! This time in VR

Meax is back, the long standing team is back but this time in VR. We've decided to bring Meax back to a competitive VR game called Vail. Competitive VR is a growing market but with the support of AEXlab and VRML, the potential for growth is very high. We're competing in the EU division of VRML, finishing 3rd overall in season 1, with a 2nd place finish on the season leaderboard. We aim to do even better in season 2 and take home some prize money. You can read more about VRML here: Season 2 begins in August, so…

by Matt
July 14, 2024

When Daolan has the Dragon Fury!

This is what happen when someone in the team has the Dragon Fury! Nobody can stop him. It was during an esl match against MnM

by Alex
February 8, 2015

Meax CS GO Winter Summary

A new year equals opportunity. CS is growing massively and we're hoping to see a lot more of the Meax CS GO team this year. They will be taking advantage of any new league openings and trying to get Meax out there. Before Christmas there were complications with schedules and issues maintaining a full roster. Now with the introduction of our Swedish player 'fastn' we are more ready than ever to tackle this years competitions. Just before the new year we decided we'd take advantage of the new ESL league system - Open, Major and Pro. A UK qualifier was…

by Matt
January 12, 2015